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Group Members: Eugene Sandhu, Christina Kim, and Gowsiha Karunatharan


We choose to do our final project on Prezi to teach our concept to your audience.

Link to Prezi:

Codecademy is an online learning resource that offers free coding classes in various programming languages.


This was a new experience for me and there weree tons of programming languages courses to choose from. I choose to take the course about javascript. Javascript is the most popular language among developers. This course provides users with the fundamentals and uses the latest JavaScript syntax. The lessons provide the foundation for using Javascript.

The badges earned:

By Eugene Sandhu, Christina Kim, Gowsiha Karunatharan


Our group created a public service announcement (PSA) about online identity (module 4). We used iMovie to create it and all the video, audio, and images used in the video are Creative Commons licensed.

The video below is our PSA about online identity:


What is an elevator pitch? This is a short and quick explanation of an idea or startup. It is the sales pitch that is told to customers, investors, and employees. When putting the elevator pitch together you need to consider this checklist to make your pitch stand out: irrefutable (who you are & what you do), greed inducing (how many people need the product and easy to buy), succinct (quick and easy), and understandable (easy for everyone to understand)

STEP 1: Irrefutable

  • Explain who are you and what you do? Provide an introduction to yourself, state your name. …


No one is constantly thinking about the invisible trackers on every website they visit. From going on social media to online shopping, looking at news reports, to even online banking we are constantly being tracked.

Web tracking is when websites collect information such as the items you clicked about the users which are then used for targeted advertising, and site analytics. This is why we sometimes see the same advertisements follow us around the internet…..

But How Can You Block This????

Install or download the anti-tracking software, Disconnect which blocks the invisible website that tracks you. By using Disconnect it…

Group Members: Eugene Sandhu, Christina Kim, and Gowsiha Karunatharan


The topic we have chosen to teach the students in Toronto is digital collaboration tools. This is an important lesson for them to learn as it will help them be more productive and provide them with tools to be efficient in the future.

Tricks That Will Change the Way You Search

Searching on the internet can be frustrating sometimes when you can’t find what you are looking for. You are stuck with mostly useless results however, with the help of some google tips it can help you be more productive in your searches.

How would you search for an exact word or phrase?

To search for an exact word or phrase, you should put the entire word/phrase in quotation marks. This will tell Google you are searching for the precise keywords in the same order as in the quotations.

For example:


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