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Disconnect: Invisible Trackers Blocked


No one is constantly thinking about the invisible trackers on every website they visit. From going on social media to online shopping, looking at news reports, to even online banking we are constantly being tracked.

Web tracking is when websites collect information such as the items you clicked about the users which are then used for targeted advertising, and site analytics. This is why we sometimes see the same advertisements follow us around the internet…..

But How Can You Block This????

Install or download the anti-tracking software, Disconnect which blocks the invisible website that tracks you. By using Disconnect it masks your IP address and encrypts your VPN to protect your privacy. It also makes the browser go faster and consumes less traffic.


Disconnect the “visualize” page for Pandora

I never realized just how many websites are tracking you. I installed disconnect as a chrome add-on and went about my day, researching for assignments, watching movies, doing a little shopping when I saw the disconnect icon keep increasing. I was on the Pandora website and there were around 15 web trackers. However, every time you go on a website, Disconnect automatically starts blocking webs trackers. So just to see how many web trackers would have tracked me if I haven’t downloaded disconnect, I clicked unblock tracking sites. This shook me as the number was increasing dramatically to 65. By downloading Disconnect it protected my privacy from invisible tracking and increased my awareness of how and how many companies collect your personal data. Download Disconnect to secure your online privacy.